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Globally, Gohar Resin offers a broad range of resins and polymers for wood coatings. They are functional within industrial wood applications such as coatings for furniture and kitchen cabinets but also within joinery for outdoor applications and varnishes for wooden floors which can be applied industrially by a variety of processes including air and force dry cure.

Depending on the requirements of the application our customers can achieve improved resistance against yellowing, harsh weather conditions, foot traffic resistance for floors, stain resistance, glossy finishes and colour retention. For an easy application our resins for wood coatings are formulated to achieve good adhesion, long pot life, good build, fast curing, excellent block resistance and sand-ability and hardness.

Our portfolio includes the right technologies for cost performance and to meet customer criteria. We offer conventional solvent borne resins including high solids and ultra-high solids technologies.

The Right Advantage

With our long-standing background in research and product development, we have the technology you need to address topics such as human wellbeing, appearance, formulation cost, productivity or sustainability.

Whether your customers are looking for the durability and elasticity of acrylics, the gloss and cost-efficiency of alkyds, the flexibility of polyesters or high solids industrial wood finishes Gohar Resin has a suitable system

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