The Right Outcomes

Architectural coatings are part of a dynamic market that is driven by five main topics: attention for the human wellbeing; optimum aesthetical appearance; minimizing the impact of coatings on the environment by offering sustainable solutions; improved productivity; and the total formulated cost of the paint.

Depending on the application whether interior or exterior, solutions for architectural coatings which can be water or solvent based should demonstrate an excellent balance of properties which may include good flow, high gloss, scrub resistance, hiding power, stain and dirt pick up resistance and outstanding outdoor durability in a wide range of coating types. Criteria and uses Gohar Resin performs to involve gloss or low sheen, flat paints or specialised textured finishes, in home floor coatings or concrete applied by either contractors.

The Right Advantage

Gohar Resin offers a comprehensive range of resins suitable for architectural coatings. With our long standing background in research and product development, we possess the technology you need. Whether your customers are looking for the durability and elasticity of acrylics, the gloss and cost-efficiency of alkyds or the environmental compliance of waterborne or high solids decorative finishes Gohar Resin has a suitable system.

The Right Solutions

For formulators who are looking for a proven line of architectural products, Gohar Resin offers an extensive range of solutions that include waterborne and solventborne, VOC compliant, acrylics and alkyds.

Gohar Resin has a thorough understanding of solventborne resins systems, satisfying a wide range of requirements. High performance is combined with competitive pricing, fast delivery and excellent logistic systems.

Specialty grades are also available to provide the formulator with additional options. Our unique thixotropic alkyd technology and urethane modified alkyds offer an excellent choice when fast drying is required in cold environments.



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