The Right Outcomes

Gohar Resin offers a broad range of solventborne products for the diverse needs of the marine and protective markets.

As a long-standing producer of solventborne resin technologies, Gohar Resin offers a wide variety of products for both one and two-component, air drying and stoving end uses. For two-component systems we offer Alkyds, Acrylic and Polyester polyols at various solids levels (up to 80 %) and our portfolio covers a broad range of OH values. This provides formulators the ability to optimise the balance between cost and performance.

Gohar Resin has the products that can deliver the performance required for off shore conditions, severe humidity, demanding weather exposed equipment or moving parts. Our resins can be relied upon to deliver outstanding chemical and impact resistance, be elastic but durable, show good adhesion properties and provide excellent corrosion protection.

The Right Solutions

Our range of solvent based Alkyds, Acrylics, Polyisocyanates, conventional or high solid and a set of specialties to meet certain requirements are the right solutions for robust marine and protective coatings.




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