The Right Outcomes
Gohar Resin offers solvent  based polymers for sealers and construction coatings including water proofing membranes for use as 1K or 2K coatings, gap fillers and sealants, mortars and screeds for use with and without cement.
Sustainable hydrophobic polyols used in solventless 2K Isocyanate cured systems are also provided for self-levelling flooring, decking, industrial floors in high use and impact areas, food and beverage plants, carpark decks, show room floors and water proofing membranes.
A range of sustainable and economic technologies ensure that construction materials develop the right properties for their respective applications such as good levelling, block resistance, chemical resistance, wear and  impact resistant coatings and mechanical strength.

The Right Advantage

Whether your requirement is environmentally friendly, high-performance, aesthetic or cost effectiveness, we have a range of products to meet your specific needs.
Our ongoing investment in innovation and our technical support capabilities help you effectively apply our products and achieve the desired results.

The Right Solutions

Gohar Resin offers its customers a range of high quality solvent-free polyols for two-component applications as well as emulsified polyols for three component cementitious/polyurethane applications and one- or two-component resins for concrete primers and finishing topcoats.



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