Gohar Resin was established in 2003 and its resin plant started operations in 2005, the production unit is located at Eshtehard Industrial City near Tehran, the management team is made-up of people with decades of experience in the resins and paint industry.
It began with alkyd resins for industrial and architectural use, then expanded into unsaturated polyester resins used for SMC and BMC. In 2008, we steped into saturated polyester resins field for automotive and coil coatings.
Gohar Resin entered a phase of rapid growth and diversification in 2015, and new products develop constantly as polyester polyol, polyisocyanate, acrylic, amino and blended polyurethane …
In order to upgrade our technology, Gohar Resin pay great attention to researching & innovation, and actively joining in the discussion and cooperation with other famous companies.
Due to stable quality, Gohar Resin is well recognized in the market. As we have grown, we have maintained our tradition of exceeding our customers’ expectations and used innovative thinking to develop products, provide solutions and find growth opportunities.
Gohar Resin will continue improve the technical level, and actively developing global business strategies, moving into the world 'professional level.
We welcome you to our website and we would be happy to respond to your enquiries about our company and its products.



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